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08025 Barcelona
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Internet is the showcase located in the biggest avenue of the world, the road that runs along New York's Fifth Avenue, crosses the Red Square in Moscow and cuts the corner at Elyseum Fields in Paris..

Who can do without exhibiting his or her creativity in the Internet Avenue, where besides the main  art galleries of the planet, there are the biggest banks, the most desirable fashion shops, and , last but not least, the most sinister brothels.

Nowadays, the inhabitants of at least one planet are walking through Internet. Any market study would consider it as the ideal street to open an establishment. If we are not suffering from agoraphobia we all will end up in the computer agora, either to sell our merchandises, to drop in  the athenaeum, or to sit down in the virtual main square to make friends.

Interars, the Latin gallery of Internet makes it possible

Interars shows in high computer definition your best creations to the whole world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It will also save you expensive paper catalogues and the tiresome task of enveloping and sending them only to know they will be right thrown to the next paper bin.

Interars enables you to sell your works by mail and it includes transport consultantship, electronic bank service and others.

It offers you Intranet services with private view pages you will get access through  your own passport.

Electronic mail and modem fax to clients or selected companies (30.000)

Press agency and distribution of information to 400 media.

Edition services and distribution in paper, if you also want your catalogue edited.

Exhibitions and electronically coordinated auctions with Art galleries of Spain, Italy and Latin America.

Publicity in electronic press and in the main universal searchers of Internet.

For only 30 Eurus a month, we create for you the web pages you were longing for..

A great number of  well-known artists are already part of the Interars team.